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Our Wines

Louiesenhof Sauvignon Blanc 2014 

Louiesenhof wines are produced with a high consciousness of nature and ecology. In the cellar the wines are merely guided - resulting in a product stamped with the distinctive character of its origin.
A well structured,  unwooded wine with tropical flavors and abundance of ripe fig, melon and gooseberry on the palate.  Alc.12% Vol.

Price R 50.00 per bottle R 600.00 case of 12

Louiesenhof Chardonnay Sur-lie 2011 

This well balanced wine was aged for 1 year in French barriques. Rich honey and roasted walnut on the nose. This full bodied, elegant wine can be enjoyed with spicy dishes, game or line fish.
The label boasts of an original work of art exclusive to Louiesenhof.  Alc.13% Vol.

Price R 60.00 per bottle R 360.00 case of 6

Louiesenhof Pinot Duo Petillant Rose 2014 

A perfect blend of Pinotage & Pinot Grigio. Refreshing , light sparkling Rosé with lingering aromas of tropical fruits
On a lingering palate. Alc.12% Vol.

Price R 45.00 per bottle R 540.00 case of 12

Louiesenhof Pinotage Free Run 2014 

This typical fruity Pinotage was grown on a cool slope.  Attractive color, ripe red berries and plums on the nose and a soft, velvety finish. The ideal wine with chicken, char-grilled meat, cheese soufflés & pasta dishes. Alc.13.5%Vol.   

Price R 55.00 per bottle R 660.00 case of 12  

Louiesenhof Cape Blend (Cab.Franc/Pinotage) 2010 

This fruity cultivars was grown on cool slopes. Full bodied, elegant  blend  to give  the best of the Cape. Ripe red berries and plums on the nose and palate, attractive color. Fermented on wood staves.The ideal wine with chicken, veal, charcuterri, lamb chops, cheese soufflés & pasta dishes.  Alc.14%Vol.

Price R 60.00 per bottle R 720.00 case of 12

Louiesenhof Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc Premier Collection Limited Release 2011 

A superb wine, aged in new Hungarian and French Oak Barriques for 12 months.
We trust that this marriage of nature's gift from the vine will provide pleasure and an invaluable addition to your collection. Alc.14% Vol.

Price R 158.00 per bottle R 948.00 case of 6

Louiesenhof Shiraz 2011 

The grapes for this limited release wine were grown on carefully selected Stellenbosch terror, hand-picked at optimal ripeness and aged for 12 months in French, American and Hungarian new and second fill barriques. This deeply rich
Coloured, full – bodied wine has intense flavors op pepper, cassis and dark chocolate. Soft tannins ensure a gentle,
Lingering after taste . Our premier range features an original painting by Francine Greenblatt “Indiscretions of Memory” especially commissioned for this range of wines. Alc.15% Vol.

Price R 158.00 per bottle R 948.00 case of 6

Louiesenhof Roobernet 2010- Cape Ruby Port

Roobernet, another South Africa cultivar gave us the excellent red juice for this very well balanced Port. This Port is an excellent desert companion, or, enjoyed on its own.105g sugar/L             Alc.19% Vol. 

Price R 100.00 per bottle R 1200.00 case of 12 

Louiesenhof Perroquet Cape Tawny Port

Our Tawny is a blend of 1993, 1994 & 1995 vintages. Produced with Tinta Barocca grapes.  The grapes are from old, low-yielding vines. Fermentation was stopped with an aged brandy blend.

This port was produced  the  traditional style with  90g/l sugar.Alc. 19 % Vol.

Price R 250.00 per bottle R 1500.00 case of 6

Louiesenhof Matured 7 yr Brandy 

The unique Louiesenhof Brandy was distilled in our antique 131 liter German kettle. The 30% Brandy component was blended with great skill to perfection with 70%wine spirits by Jos Le Roux, master distiller
and one of South Africa`s Brandy legends. The final product is elegant and smooth, with a character true to tradition. Alc. 43% Vol. 

Price R 150.00 per bottle R 1800.00 case of 12

Louiesenhof Marbonne Brandy 16 yr old blend

16 year old blend Marbonne Brandy was distilled in a 131 L pot-still - built in Stuttgart in 1930. Colombar & Cab. Sauv. grapes were selected for this outstanding product.  After the second distillation, the brandy was aged in 300 L Limousine barrels.  This is a well balanced, elegant, 100% potstill brandy, truly a unique connoisseurs sipping brandy. Alc. 39%  Vol.

Price R 440.00 per bottle R 2640.00 case of 6

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